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Pittsburgh's Top Workplaces 2011
Brentwood Borough School District

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Pittsburgh, PA

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About Brentwood Borough School District

The Brentwood Borough School District is a small suburban school district located approximately five miles from downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The school district encompasses a land area of 1.45 miles. There are four educational buildings located in the district: Elroy Elementary (K-5), Moore Elementary (K-5), Brentwood Middle School (6-8), and Brentwood High School (9-12). The middle school and the high school are housed in one building along with the administrative offices for the district. Approximately 1300 children are enrolled in the district.

Special education services are available at each site. Children with severe handicaps attend one of several special schools located in the Pittsburgh area. Vocational and technical education services are provided through Steel Center Area Vocational-Technical School.

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What employees say

“My superintendent has the confidence in me to let me do my job. Also, he is always there to listen and guide. I also appreciate the good work of my staff and enjoy the students.”
“I am able to work with other professionals who love their jobs and enjoy helping students learn and grow.”
“She is positive and encourages us to give our best everyday. She is always willing to listen and help us if there is ever a need.”
“ I work with special needs students, and it is very rewarding to know that I am helping them to learn skills that they will need for the rest of their lives. I enjoy seeing them succeed.”
“Creates a friendly environment in which we are respected and treated like professionals.”
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